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When Cherry Blossoms Fall

After Japan ended its isolation from Western Civilization and opened its port to the world, Japanese artwork became highly coveted - especially among the impressionist artist of the day.

The story begins in France through the perspective of a young lady named Jacqueline. She has come to live with her aunt and uncle after the untimely death of her parents. Uncle Cedric is visiting Japan for business and has sent word that he is sending a lovely vase for their home.

Join Jacqueline as she embarks on a journey of discovery, love and an introduction into the blossoming art scene. A chance sighting at a local shop opens a whole new adventure for Jacqueline - all wrapped up in a mysterious ukiyo-e print.



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Nights in Blue

I once heard it said that if Hemingway had discovered the charm of Guanajuato, Mexico, his inspiration would have led him down south. There is a magical romance to this places nestled in the mountains of the Sierra that encompasses enchantment. Perhaps it is the flow of silver hidden in the veins of its land or the miracle water that mysteriously sustains and preserves the earth. It is an ideal setting for anything unusual or extraordinary to happen. Perchance it i a love meant for eternity, encapsulated in a salty drop of water that yearns to be released.

NIGHTS OF BLUE is a story that unfolds through the perspective of Clarissa who is an impressionable young woman traveling to the colloquial town of Guanajuato with her aunt. The reputed town is veiled in beauty yet reverberates with much mystery. When Clarissa is compelled by curiosity to follow a distinguished old gentleman into a cathedral, she cannot fathom what awaits her. Her journey unravels when he abruptly kisses her and bestows a pendant that leads to a tangled past filled with love, turbulence and intrigue.





J. Fernandez

Jackie was born in Southern California and graduated with a degree in Social Sciences. Her love for literature, music and history has played a major role in her creative process as a writer. It is her belief that in light of the challenges and imperfections we face as a human race we are still resilient. There is a beauty in all the diverse cultures that make up the world despite the ugliness that can exist in our spirit. It is the palate of all the assorted ethnicities that create the canvas of life which she respects and love. There is color, music, and poetry in the way people live. All individuals are a ballad that moves with different rhythms and define our humanity, mirroring an array of complex emotions that range from sorrow, vanity, fear, and happiness. She is influenced and moved by society’s constant struggle to understand itself. Her vision is the desire to go beyond tolerance and move toward compassion and kindness and enjoy our multicultural differences. To know that we are distinct individuals yet not autonomous from the world we live in.

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